Its all about good vibrations

The only way to start the day is to pump up the volume and boot the family out of bed with some good vibrational toons!

Our house is rarely quite, my mom finds is baffling that we can live in such a noisy house, she can’t handle conversations flowing over the pounding speakers and I can’t understand how she can spend a whole day pottering in the garden in silence not even speaking to anyone.

I love a noisy house, I love the energy and the way music can kick you up the ass when you need putting back on the right vibration, even when the kids have deprived me of sleep and I’m all ‘grrrrr’ in the morning, I head downstairs, put the computer on, fire up Spotify and BBC6 Music boil the kettle for fresh coffee and – hey presto – Happiness and Contentment finds me!

As a family we sit at the table in the kitchen with the music pumping at 7am, its the highlight of my day to see Harry and Bon Bon bopping their heads while digging into their porridge – Even Baby Bell has started grooving over breakfast!

 Bon Bon who is 4 and half, has annoyingly worked out how to use Spotify, she even has her own play list so  now I have to negotiate tuneage time with harry AND a 4 year old!

One of her favourite songs of all time is Scratch Lee Perry, Reggae opera – highly inappropriate I know, but you soon get over that when you hear her singing the lyrics

Our kiddies have no choice other than to love music, it may come back to haunt us when they decide they want to become nuns and live a life of silence, it’s always been a standing joke that myself and harry are going to produce a rebellious child aka  a ‘Saffy’ but so far so good

So if you want to spotify stalk me – loobylou79  its great to have new friends to share music with with.

Sending you sleepy Sunday vibes and a restful sleep, and here’s to you waking up tomorrow morning full of energy and excitement ready  to enjoy your week ahead

…And if you wake up in with a Moody Money the here’s The Harris – Wake the Fuck up and smile mix :O)


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