Time to let go of chasing rainbows!

 I can dish out the positive pep talks but cant seem to find my own advise when I need it! Luckily my best friend Sandy was listening to some advise that I was dishing out to her on sunday, 4 days later she was dishing it back to me, but this time less bull shit and more perspective! 

“detachment means doing the right thing for its own sake,
because it needs to be done, without worrying about success or failure”  
– Krishna  

 After last weeks blog post it was time for a reality check . Carron Media is growing and Sentiment has just got some good news so needs more time, and most importantly my kids need me, Harry needs me,  in fact – I need me! …Yet I have been chasing rainbows wanting to do every idea that pops into my head and every opportunity that comes in radar!

I’ve been chasing Rainbows yet I have 2 beautiful ones tucked up in bed upstairs –  and my baby rainbow really needs my full attention at the moment, because she’s really poorly 😦

 Its been a hard emotionally because I know that I have to give up Festival Kidz ,  a new business we have been working on for 6 months and one that I’m so passionate about. But reality is I’m spreading myself too thin – and not in a good way coz I still can’t fit into size 12 jeans!

It wasn’t an easy decision letting Festival Kidz go, its bloody hard it’s like my baby, my passion and its not even launched properly yet , so the exciting bit is about to come. For a non crusty hippy I could get the award for knowing the ins and outs of kidz and festivals so I feel really attached to it. But I was being selfish keeping onto it and its Romanys Baby now, she’s been twittering and facebooking like a festival pro ready to hit this festival season witha big bang.

Festival Kidz is about to launch and ride  the cusp of a wave,  Sadly I have to accept this is not a wave I can ride,  so Romany is riding solo and she’ll ride it with style.   I’m so bloody excited for her, she’s gonna kick some festival ass and I’m wishing her all the luck in the world making Festival Kidz the hub for all festival going parents. She’ll be rocking out every summer with all those mini ravers and rock stars for many years to come.

My lovely friend tells me  that will probably take many businesses before I make my millions and said that leaning detachment will make me a better business woman on my journey 🙂  Thanks Sandy for being so fabbotastic,  all your love and advise means so much.  Thank you Romany for being so wonderful, for having a huge heart, for teaching me so much these past few months, may the force be with you,  your journey has just begun.

Romany says world domination can wait for me for a few years, for now i’ll concentrate on my kiddies and the businesses I have , but i’ll always wanna be a millionaire! 🙂

Time to let go of chasing rainbows.. for the time being anyway 😉

And on that note… 

Have a good weekend all xxxxxx


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One response to “Time to let go of chasing rainbows!

  • Having Cake And Eating It

    All my comments are on facebook, thought i’d share them here .

    Alison Sellers, Sandy Banfield and Janet Whalley like this..

    Tom Leaney
    Chasing rainbows is not so bad. just don’t go chasing waterfalls!! please, stick to the rivers & the lakes that you’re used to!!
    Yesterday at 12:56

    Louise Carron Harris lol – allways trust you my friend to crack me up – big mwwwwaaaahhh xxxxxx

    Kimberley Selwood
    Lovely blog honey!! You have such great perspective, a fab family and things are on the up. You’re already on the ladder so just keep climbing! Need to see you asap, miss you x
    Yesterday at 13:02 ·

    Janet Whalley
    Life is a path with many roads off it,
    some are dead ends , some lead to new pastures, the trick is finding the right one, and staying on it, but we have to find that one…..
    Yesterday at 13:09 ·

    Louise Carron Harris ‎@kim thanks babe, really need to see you tooo
    @ obi MOM kenobi :O) wise words – love ya xxx
    Yesterday at 13:12

    Sandy Banfield remember the 3 Ps’ xxx
    Yesterday at 13:28

    Romany Greatrex
    Ah Lou… I think you’ve made the right decision and I know how hard it was for you. FK certainly wouldn’t have come so far without you… in fact I wouldn’t have done it at all without you! If I ever make a million you can have some, but somehow I don’t think that’ll ever happen!! xxx big mwaaahh xxx
    22 hours ago ·

    Vanessa Emery
    Life’s a bit like butter. spread it thinly over many slices of bread and it doesn’t taste of much, but spread it thicker over a few slices and it’s much more rewarding.An old proverb from an old Emery Bird! You’ll do good in whatever you do…just make sure you enjoy it whilst you’re doing it…xxx
    8 hours ago ·

    Louise Carron Harris @‎Romany Greatrex mwaaah, i love you you rock. naw dont want any of your millions, just a few festi tickets when you’re begged by every festi to be there in up and coming years, a chance to be involved every now and then with blogs, a golden statue in my honour and naturally cost pirce gear! ;O) Vanessa Emery LOVE it, very true GREAT wise old bird words xxxxxx
    14 minutes ago ·

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