It was written in the stars!

Tune of the Day –  Angus & Julia Stone – Bella
Phrase of the Day – Time to make quality not quantity my goal! 

Dear Universe, I’d like to thank you for:

1) For not giving me a horrid hangover even thought I drank a whole bottle of Rum with Karina Friday night!

2) For keeping the kids asleep while me and Karina had our mini rave downstairs!

3) For making Mark cook dinner… even though we were the hosts ;O)

4) For Harry cooking the fry up Saturday morning

5) For finding me a car park space in Highgate that I could drive in and out of without looking like a total girl!

6) for my amazing girlfriends  and new-found friends over the weekend

7)For the amazing sex in the city style night out with the girls

8) For making harry not tell me off for spanking way too much cash on overpriced and irresistible booze

9) For my lovely family sunday roast joined by my beautiful friend and inspiring soul sister Sandy Bandy

10) For the incredibly powerful Reiki session with Sandy

11) For the ‘moment’ on the motorway where i just felt incredible grateful for being here, for having another day on planet earth!

12) For the Wolves V Tottenham game – keeps our household peaceful!

13) For this message  in my email that I felt compelled to open and read – normally I don’t open them, they are in my inbox because I can’t be arsed to scroll down to find the un-subscribe button!!!For everyone who has been speaking with me this week you will all know how weirdly ironic this is I’ve been living life at 100 miles per hour, granted I love it,  I want to do everything now now now and I want to be involved in everything,  but  this week I have been aware some decisions need to be made.

Thanks for the message universe,  it is loud and clear –  Time to make quality not quantity my goal!

Over and out xxx


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