Monthly Archives: March 2011

Its all about good vibrations

The only way to start the day is to pump up the volume and boot the family out of bed with some good vibrational toons!

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Time to let go of chasing rainbows!

 I can dish out the positive pep talks but cant seem to find my own advise when I need it! Luckily my best friend Sandy was listening to some advise that I was dishing out to her on sunday, 4 days later she was dishing it back to me, but this time less bull shit and more perspective! 

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It was written in the stars!

Tune of the Day –  Angus & Julia Stone – Bella
Phrase of the Day – Time to make quality not quantity my goal! 

Dear Universe, I’d like to thank you for:

1) For not giving me a horrid hangover even thought I drank a whole bottle of Rum with Karina Friday night!

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