Child Rats

I do belive that a good attitude keeps illness at bay, and to be fair for many many years I’ve not  got sick – however this year I have been graced with a few migraines, I got sick Christmas day (but nowt a bottle of port couldn’t sort out) and  now my bloody vermin Rat Children have passed on a stomach bug that is quite frankly a total fucker!

I admit, I work hard running the businsses and I never turn off,  Its only recently that I’ve  started getting some form of sleep, so I get why I’ve been a bit more prone to illness.  I’m trying to see the positive in this stomach bug the whole family has been graced with because when I next weigh myself the scales are bound to  say ‘congratulations Louise you are now a size 8‘   somehow however , I don’t think my kids will see the same positive light!

Request for Daughter Number 1 – Bon Bon .
Dear Universe, I accepted that after a T-total, pure organic pregnancy and 8 months of Hypo-Birthing   you presented me a breach baby, and no amount of waving my ass in the air was going to move that baby out of my ribs!  The docs insisted on a c-section,  I got over it,  I smiled, I laughed and I was grateful for a healthy bouncing Baby Bon Bon. I  did everything by the book, breast-fed for yonks, fed her fresh organic veggie boxes of delights, banned sugar and salt  untill she was 3 and no chemicals or disposable nappies dared grace my  childs ass! We dealt with the fact  Bon Bon suffered a permanent cold and blocked nose from 9 weeks old untill she was over 3  years old as a result of this she didn’t sleep through the night and didn’t stop dribbling untill she was 4 years old! To top it off she gets  more ear nose and throat infections than any normal child and since starting school she  has attracted every bloody bug going , YET she’s still bright, fun and happy and really deals with illness well –  so please give her a break now. We are eternally grateful for the fact  that compared to really poorly kiddies in the  world  she is very lucky, however we would like 100% health from now on – Ta very Much

Request for daughter number 2 Baby Bell
 Dear Universe , I have to admit when it comes to Baby Bell I do question why is it that I ‘omed’ my way though pregnancy spending 9 months with my head in deep mediation, connected with every bloody thing i could ‘connect with’ i  visualised daily the beautiful peaceful home birth I had gotten 4 consultants to agree to – yet an emergency c-section and a very close call for Baby Bells life  was the outcome.  Since her birth , bar a few gin and tonics, I have given her the purest start to life I could give – I breastfed, organic fed and  showered with love and a very happy home (and work) life.  So why is it that since Baby Bell has been born 8 MONTHS AGO  she has been in hospital 6 times, had 4 bouts of antibiotics and also seems to attract every bloody bug going. To help her I  became a reiki practitioner, yet I still can’t seem to get her into tip-top health – (alto it does work on harrys hangovers )  So please from now on can you send her 100% health – ta, very much appreciated

*I had to stop  writing this blog last night because both children woke up about 9pm with  rocking temperatures, both were crying and inconsolable –  it was probably quite a comical scene;  me and Harry,  a sick child each,  swapping when we were at a loss trying to console them with looks of utter dismay on our faces! By midnight, a few magic stories, lullabies, and *erm* a shit load of calpol we had them tucked up in bed fast asleep!

Since waking up this morning… both kids seem to be on the road to recovery – so we’re going to celebrate with a nice brunch in Beaconsfield – and I may have to oder a bottle of bubbles.. to myself!

Thank you universe for sending good heath – phew .


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