All bound for Lou Lou land!

Tune of the Day – Buffalo – Teenage Crime – Adrian Lux ( play this one loud!)
Phrase of the day – ‘philosophical pep talk over a phat one’

I love life, I really do – im not just saying that because I’m riding a freaking awesome caffeine buzz at the moment, it’s just been a wonderful day of the same old same old.

Being an avid Facebooker  (that’s Facebooker not ‘Facestalker’ by the way)  I love to have a bit  of interaction with my online buddies. I semi use facebook as a replacement for not working with loads of people,  a gossip and skive at the kettle type of natter. I love to see status updates that make me giggle and I love it when I get millions of  unexpected responses to a status update. 

Today has been a good day, I have been facebooking like a ‘Street Talking Jive Bunny’ ( Harry can claim that shit phrase!) in between juggling the kids, sorting out all the Gazillion emails, looking after new clients, managing the team,  cleaning the house  (*erm* ok got me on  that one… I mean booking in a cleaner for the house) ,  Tweeting for Festival KidzFuneral-Ideas , Sentiement_life,  and Positive Punch , (not Carron Media – because Harry says my spelling and typos are a liability – his loss!)  

Today has been an especially good inspirational day. The first thing to read in my facebook feed was a lovely blog  from Paulo Coelhol , then a great quote came in from Dalai Larma to get the day rolling nicely.  

I’d like to be a mini Dalai Larma one day! One who likes rave music, drinking Rum and smoking the occasional dirty ciggy when drunk!!!  All jokes aside, I seem to have slipped nicely into a natural role of  tuning into  people when they need some support  (I have been known as ‘Mystic Lou’ and a White Witch) and coaching people through business,  life difficulties  and my speciality is  helping people quit their jobs!  I attract strangers, close friends and friends of friends when they are needing a boost in life. I can find myself in a bar and before i know it i’m coaching some stranger into setting up his business idea! Most days I find myself chucking out a few ‘positive punches on Facebook’ to those who are having down days and I love to inspire people to do what I know they can do if they have a bit of faith in themselves. I see so much talent that’s not being used because of self limitations. 

I had a life coach this time last year for 3 months Julie Fordham kicked me up the ass and made me see my what i call my ‘blind spots’.  I started to see where the problems were…  I thought i was a positive person, but  actually didn’t belive in myself , I didn’t think I was successful, all I saw was problems, that  my business wasnt hitting its targets and I never gave myself any credit for what was successfull –  I thought i was a bit of a failure in all honesty. Julie helped me see that if i didn’t belive in myself how could anyone else belive in me?   AND  what a difference changing your attitude can make.

 Today was  good day, had lots of weird law of attrcation type things going on with facebook,  loads of positive actions from freinds who are on new paths and loads of positive punches. To top off the day  I got a Facebook invite from a stranger –  a friend of a friend who said he liked my positive comments on his friends status update and he wanted to be my friend too…HOW KEWL IS THAT??  :O)  

I really want to see my friends and family  enjoy life, have fun, follow their wildest dreams and belive in themselves, I want them all  (YOU ALL) to be heathy wealthy & happy and to find peace love & harmony in life. If I think I can help, then I’m jumping up and down willing to help. What I really love is seeing people go for it, saying yep i can see why I’m scared but fuck it I’m gonna do it anyway, I love seeing attitudes change when they can see  the wood for the trees, I LOVE  it when  status updates start tuning from negative to positive – when you can see folks on that track of self belief and seeing them happy.

Belive in YOURself, have a limitless life, smile and look for the silver lining  coz life is too short

Mucho Love – Daili Lou… LOL got a nice ring to it hu  ;o)


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3 responses to “All bound for Lou Lou land!

  • Charles Cowling

    Well, here’s to you, Louise, typos and all — why trip on the little things? Every time I meet you I wish I had brought my jump leads. Your fabulous generosity of spirit, unquenchable energy and courage are truly inspirational. Actually, I stand in awe. But the point is that some of it rubs off. So here’s lookin’ at you, kid. Just you stay right in that zone. HOW DO YOU DO IT ALL??!!

  • hillary

    I think you should probably be my life coach 🙂

    Love you, hairy (hey – if you can call me fatty, I can call you hairy!)

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