not by the hairs of my chinny chin chin

… so nobody tells you that when you hit 30 you start sprouting hair on your face WHAT THE FUCK why does no one warn you of these things?For the past 2 years I have secretly suffered in silence trying to hide my dirty little secret pulling the little fucker out as and when it made its appearance. I may have become a little obsessive touching my chin over the years and now I swear all that touching and rubbing has  made more appear!

I use to think it was just me… but it turns out, it aint just me, no no no ! After a bit of investigating they (my girlfriends) are all coming out of the woodwork, you see  there are loads of us suffering with the little chin fucks…  It’s just my girlfriends have all been clever enough to go and get electrolysis or whatever its called…

whatever it is I don’t care, all I know is that Mulberrys opposite the office do it, its sounds a bit scary and I’m not even going to google it… I’m just going to walk in and get thoes hairs zapped next week… if i don’t come out alive, tell my family i love them


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