Deepak always has the answers right??!

Chase and Status – Blind Faith
Noah and the Whale – L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.

Sweet sensation, The music that we play, Will ease your mind

Harry gave me a cuddle in the bathroom this morning, he stopped and looked at me in eyes and then the following  words fell out of his mouth….

 ‘shit babe, whats happened to your eyes, you’ve got back eyes, are you ok? God people are going to think I’ve been knocking you about ‘. I laughed ‘ Its just the general look of a haggard mother babe!

F-Forward 1 hour….

Like a scene in a movie, I’m bombing  up the lane to school 10 mins late, Bon Bon yakking insistently away in the back,  Baby Bell gurgling and me ‘Mummy’, on auto pilot!  From the corner of my ear I hear what song is playing on the radio and turn it up a notch to ‘subtly’ override Bon Bons chatter  *Bad mummy!*

…..Sweet sensation, The music that we play, Will ease your mind

 Before i know it reality fades out  as my memory delves  into the scenes of my 20’s.  I’m back in a London club and like an excited puppy I’m jumping over my friends who are  sat down in a booth and  I’m begging them to get up off their seats and come dance with me, eventually they all give in and we’re all laughing and reaching for the lazers!!   As quickly as it  faded out, reality hit back with a force  leaving me with a  feeling of  confusion – what was I craving for, I’m happy, I have a great life, all is well isn’t it?

Last Night I made the decision to leave Harry slogging away at his desk and go to bed early with the intention to get back into a routine,  this morning I had the liberating feeling of ‘getting back to normal’ . For the first time since Baby Bell was born 7 and half months ago I got up at 6am to meditate and because of it I feel alive and happy and those black eyes will soon disappear. Everything is great, I don’t  want to be back in my 20’s working for someone else, skint and not knowing what path to take. I love my 30’s being , comfortable in my own skin, happy, contented, and quite frankly I’ve found clubs where you can dance into the wee small hours and it doesn’t matter if you’re over 30 and a size 14…

Ok, maybe I do need to accept that I am actually having a few issues about growing old.  I think it’s all ok, but I am fighting against it – The inevitable that is…  

And on that thought, off to  Amazon I will go to buy that book that keeps popping into my mind Ageless Body, Timeless Mind: A Practical Alternative To Growing Old by Dr Deepak Chopra

 Deepak always has the answers right!???? ;O)

Lou and Harry 1999 – Not so young any more, and not a black eye in sight!

no so young anymore!


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