Geeking it with my man at The New Adventures in Web Design Conference

Now, it’s not like I don’t have enough with Sentiment, Festival Kidz, Wellydees and not to mention a few other business pies I have my fingers in, oh and the kids, the cats, the house AND the mountain  of washing that never seems to be climbed. Despite this,  over the past year I have begun to play a much bigger role in Harry’s company Carron Media.

My Husband the Geek

In the old days Harry would  excitedly insist I come over to his desk to check out some bit of code…’ Lou I know you don’t care but  please just look at this, Its amazing, this code… bla bla bla’ *fade out* !!! I’d desperately try to understand, but within seconds of him trying to explain about why this clever little bit of coding is ingenious, I’d just start to stare at him blank in the vain hope he’d shut up and let me get back to whatever he’d dragged me away from!  It’s not that I didn’t want to be interested, but dear god web code just baffled me and its soooo borrrrring! I was shit at French and German at school so I was never going to get excited over a language that didn’t use just  letters but bloody numbers and tags too… ughhh no thanks!

Geek gets under your skin and in your mind

Sooo anyway, over the past few years I must have subconsciously been listening to Harry banging  on about websites  because I stopped looking at them in the same way. I became obsessed with useability, functions and the image a site was portraying. In no circumstance did I ever, or do I ever claim to understand design or code, but I do understand business and I get what a website should and shouldn’t do and what it can and can’t do… I even found myself having a quick read of Harrys .net magazine while in the loo!!!

I knew Harry was a fantastic web developer and I was incredibly proud of him, and soon my new-found passion was bringing in work for Carron Media. Early last year Harry allocated me an email address on the understanding that if I wanted to be kept in Mulberry Handbags  I had to work for it!  I got more and more involved,  I found it easy to liaise with our developers and managed the clients – Even when they were asking for the world in a website!


Last year, not long after the birth of Baby Bell Harry booked us 2 bargain early bird tickets to The New Adventures In Web Design Conference in Nottingham. He hoped that I’d learn more from a conference and open my eyes up to how the industry works

We’ve never left the kids before , so we got to Nottingham at 11pm dumped our bags and ran out to the nearest bar to celebrate our new-found freedom! We ended up shit faced in a casino at 2am having consumed my weight in booze and  *erm*  £21.50 shots of Havana 15,  so I was well prepared for the 9 hour conference that lay ahead!

The Event

Simon Collisons personality was all over this event, warm, welcoming, passionate and professional. Having come from an Event management background I could see that this event had a great feeling about it.

Colly gave us all a warm welcome and a nice touch I thought was when he asked that we all look out for anyone at the conference on their own and welcome them into the geek crews and clicks – it  filled my hangover with a warm fuzzyness!

Harry smiled when he saw me sit up and eyes fixed onto the first speaker (Dan Rubin)  I’m not about to break down the speakers… you can find all that info on the millions of geek blogs floating around


Ben Everand

to name but a few, but follow!/naconf for all the other updates

I was amazed,  I found each speaker so passionate and inspiring, not once did I feel like a total lemming out of my depth in a sea of geekdom. I liked the fact that the speakers were on stage as they were introduced and didn’t do some egotistical walk onto the stage sucking up the love from their adoring fans ;o) it was simply natural yet professional. I also LOVED the tweets and the interaction with everyone there.  The FREE fully balanced diet in one paper bag suppressed the mother fucking hangover that was sucking me into wavy haze of nausea and we even managed to hold a few conversations!  The rest of the day rolled into an easy and entertaining afternoon of inspiration.

Giggles and lumberjacks

There was a point where I couldn’t stop giggling because I’d seen a tweet saying ‘I didnt know so many lumberjacks were web developers’ It still makes me laugh my ass off because I seriously had never seen so many check shirts under the same roof    – here is a photo of the guys in front of us!!!

Brendan Dawes ended the event beautifully and we were full of love of the web folks and hugely inspired.

At the after party we met some REALLY lovely folks – i really mean this, what a bunch of great people.  We made our way round chatting to most of the speakers too, I had a nice banter with the ever so humble Colly, and was laughing my ass off with Jon Tan about agency ‘dickheads and twats ‘ right up my street! then I got more drunk and cornered poor Elliot (sorry mate)


I’ve never known an industry (and when I say industry, I don’t mean big agencies, I mean web developers and designers.. the core, the underbelly of the industry) in such good Karma with itself. There’s no egos, there’s no hierarchy, it’s just a bunch of people all out there helping each other sharing ideas and making the web bigger and better foreveryone.

As for the event… well the only way I can descirbe it is;  Take how open and friendly Twitter is, how it’s full of advise information and interaction with everyone on all levels, now carbon copy that into an event and you get The New Adventires in Web Design Confernec – good work chaps

Can’t wait for 2012!

…and aptly the tweet I’ve just seen is…

Dalai Lama

@DalaiLama Dalai Lama
We need a genuine sense of responsibility and a sincere concern for the welfare of others.



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