My husband… The Sleep Training pro!

 For 4 days and 4 nights of our New Years Break with the Gang we indulged in baby talk. Sleep, as ever was the main dominator of our conversations and after 4 nights of trying not to have Baby Bell wake the rest of the apartment up with her usual 2 & 4am crys  we got a new habit of ‘just whacking the boob in her mouth to keep her quiet and by the 4th night she was waking every hour from about midnight untill 6am where  THEN she’d  grace us with sleeping for 3 hours in a row…just in time for Bon Bon to get up.. GREAT!

When we got home from our lovely break away, we could see baby bell was fast recovering from her virus, she was sitting up on her own for a few seconds at a time, she was rolling around playing and back to babbling ‘mamma’  so we knew she was well recovered, and with Bon Bon going back to school it was time to get this sleep shit sorted..

Here i need to note, Baby Bell could roll over at 4 months but never did, but she was rolling round while we were away. When I was saying this to harrys mum Bon Bon joined the conversation only to inform me  ” mummy the reason why Baby Bell rolls over on holiday and not at home is because she’s in a throw away nappy, when she’s at home she can’t roll around in her washable nappies because they are too big” – well I’m glad my 4-year-old is more observant than I am… thanks for than Bon Bon!!’

So just over a week ago we took the plunge and went in for a bit of sleep training. For the next 4 nights Harry would do bed time routine and be the one to go to baby bell when she cried so she wouldn’t demand my boobs.

Night 1

within 10 mins of being put down to bed Baby Bell woke up crying, harry went up and a few minutes later he came down with the dummy.. “THIS IS NO MORE”  my heart sunk… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT THE DUMMY! But I made him in charge of this operation and i had to stick by his rules. that night she woke up 4 times, each time i was ready to run in there and settle her, but Harry held the fort and sure enough each time she woke she’d cry for a few mins and then fall back to sleep.

Night 2

Couple of murmurs but she got her self off to sleep and slept from -3.45 she fed and went back to bed untill 5.45 fed and then back to bed untill 8.30!!!!

Night 3

7pm -5.45am… fed for 5-10 mins and then back to sleep untill 8am!!!!

Night 4 -7

Lots of waking but we just left her and she went back to sleep after 4-5 mins.. She did wake a few times with a big scream,  but slept untill 5.30am. For the next 4 nights it ran the same pattern, but she was settling herself

 I’d say all in all its a great success, I’m not saying we don’t get woken up… we certainly have had some shitty nights while Baby Bell has been teething which has resulted in her pooing for England and waking up needing new nappies and comfort,  but I don’t at all feed her in the night now and she does sleep 11-12 hours when she’s well.

Now I can get back to getting my beauty sleep as according to Bon Bon I’m not pretty unless i wear make-up!!!!

Well done Harris… love ya for this xxx


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