Its offical, I’m totally uncool…shit!

Tune: Atb – 9PM [Till I Come]
Phrase: fuck it!

Friday night, at my desk at home, surrounded by paper, crap, letters, bills , a lunch box, dirty nappy,  a bottle of shampoo (RANDOM!)  and to avoid sorting this mess I’ve just downloaded an  *erm*  Ministry Of Sound CD! (Mash up mix of the 90’s

I remember back in the day, when me and Harry were getting down and dirty in my scummy student hole, he was a sweet 17-year-old and I was the cradle snatching 19 year old 2nd year uni student! Anyway, we had this awesome Ministry CD it was really cool, it was red and came in a clear transparent red case, we used to blast it out all the time.  Not long after Ministry Of Sound got really ‘uncool’ and we went ‘underground’ for better ‘less commercal’ music (because we were too cool darrrling) vowing never to buy another Ministry CD ever ever again because they were just  SHIT!!!

Anyway, FUCK IT! I’m old, I can go back there.  I don’t care if I’m uncool! I know I can be cool and down with the kids, I listen to Dubstep for gods sake! Its ok that I regress once in a while to shitty ministry CDs right??!

I have to accept that actually, I never will be cool again because I’m 31 and let’s be honest, you can be cool to people your own age in a round about way, but if the kidz think your cool it’s not because you think your cool!  For instance I was at a Natty Gig last June,  dancing like a lunatic by the stage.  Granted I was 8 and half months pregnant and probably looked a bit strange, there was a lovely girl who I was chatting to all night, and then at the end of the gig she said  “I wish my mum was as cool as you”  and it hit me like a freaking brick… she saw me closer to her mums age than her age, I just saw her as a young girl like me who loved gigs and music –  she just thought I was cool because I was old and still going to gigs  grrrrr

Anyway, I get the feeling 2011 is going to bring me much joy that isn’t revolved around being cool, after all I have a beautiful family and wonderful friends, so lets hope I  learn not to become bitter about age, and hope that I accept that; Even though its ok to think I’m 21, I have to accept actually I’m not!!!  

on that note – I’m off to find the Rum to drown my sorrows!!!


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One response to “Its offical, I’m totally uncool…shit!

  • Huw Rowlands

    I like this post! It’s abit like me and Donna. We find ourselves watching the ‘Best Of The 90’s’ on the sky music channels too. Its sad. The kids look at us weird. But hey! It’s good thinking back, especially when certain songs from the past remind us of certain occasions in our life!

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