Seaside new years with baby abundance!

For years we’ve gone away with our friends for New Year,  its tradition for 15 – 20 of us to book out a cottage for a week. We  party all night and chill all day Bon Bon was the only however this new year we were somewhat short of a few friends!

 2009 tipped the baby balance! In previous years the only baby in the gang was Bon Bon, but now there were 4 more babies to contend with, so our friends who still had the taste of freedom ran a million miles from the babytastic crew and quite rightly so, had a child free new year!

The apartment we rented was amazing, 3 huge bedrooms , a massive living / dining / pool room, huge kitchen, stacks of space for buggies, cots and all the baby gubbings, all of this right on the doorstep of the lanes and the sea – what more could we ask for.   3 family’s were staying and our friends Kat and Sam lived in Brighton so would hang out with us every night while their baby slept in her buggy in the hall way (she’s by far the best sleeping baby of the group!!)

On the first day the girls headed off for a massage at the EcoSpa and a left the boys to manage daddy dare care. While we were sipping on our green tea, peacefully relaxing under the 7 chakras wall hangings waiting for our hot stones massage, back at Daddy Day care was something else. 3 hours later we floated into the apartment to see where the storm had been, although it looked like take out pizza had calmed things down in time for our arrival!!! swiftly the boys handed back the babies as they ran off to the pub for a few hours recovery!!!

New years eve was all very civilised, with 8 of us having a lovely sit down meal and lots of bubbles. As ever we welcomed the new year in raving to ‘We Come One’ by Faithless while toasting our friends on Skype. All the babies all slept though the noise and the dancing!!


The  couples who decided staying at home was more fun than hanging out with us all regretted it, and admitted to never making that decision again, the next day one couple rocked up from london to spend the day with us ice-skating, eating curry and hanging out.  it was so lovely to see them and made the new years break feel less like we were missing a few fingers! 

All too quickly the time weekend flew by and before we knew it, it was the end of the weekend and to celebrate our first babytastic new year we had a mini baby photo shoot – sadly the youngest baby was in meltdown and missed the shoot , but here is the rest of the Mini Gang!

All in all a wonderful new years, and to top it off I was asked to be bridesmaid by one of my bezzy friends… that was a super start to the new year


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