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The inspiration

I just heard that John Barry  died, it made me cry. I don’t normally get upset by famous people dying , I deal with the real people in life and death and that’s emotional enough. I didn’t cry because of his loss I cried because of his amazing influence on me and my gratitude for his life

I think Out Of Africa was one of the first videos I remember seeing. I was probably about 7 years old. It was not something I would have chosen to watch, I was more interested in the Care Bears but my mom was a working single parent and the only time we’d actually have time to sit with her and chill out and have a  cuddle was on the sofa with a video.

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Geeking it with my man at The New Adventures in Web Design Conference

Now, it’s not like I don’t have enough with Sentiment, Festival Kidz, Wellydees and not to mention a few other business pies I have my fingers in, oh and the kids, the cats, the house AND the mountain  of washing that never seems to be climbed. Despite this,  over the past year I have begun to play a much bigger role in Harry’s company Carron Media.

My Husband the Geek

In the old days Harry would  excitedly insist I come over to his desk to check out some bit of code…’ Lou I know you don’t care but  please just look at this, Its amazing, this code… bla bla bla’ *fade out* !!! I’d desperately try to understand, but within seconds of him trying to explain about why this clever little bit of coding is ingenious, I’d just start to stare at him blank in the vain hope he’d shut up and let me get back to whatever he’d dragged me away from!  It’s not that I didn’t want to be interested, but dear god web code just baffled me and its soooo borrrrring! I was shit at French and German at school so I was never going to get excited over a language that didn’t use just  letters but bloody numbers and tags too… ughhh no thanks!

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My husband… The Sleep Training pro!

 For 4 days and 4 nights of our New Years Break with the Gang we indulged in baby talk. Sleep, as ever was the main dominator of our conversations and after 4 nights of trying not to have Baby Bell wake the rest of the apartment up with her usual 2 & 4am crys  we got a new habit of ‘just whacking the boob in her mouth to keep her quiet and by the 4th night she was waking every hour from about midnight untill 6am where  THEN she’d  grace us with sleeping for 3 hours in a row…just in time for Bon Bon to get up.. GREAT!

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Its offical, I’m totally uncool…shit!

Tune: Atb – 9PM [Till I Come]
Phrase: fuck it!

Friday night, at my desk at home, surrounded by paper, crap, letters, bills , a lunch box, dirty nappy,  a bottle of shampoo (RANDOM!)  and to avoid sorting this mess I’ve just downloaded an  *erm*  Ministry Of Sound CD! (Mash up mix of the 90’s

I remember back in the day, when me and Harry were getting down and dirty in my scummy student hole, he was a sweet 17-year-old and I was the cradle snatching 19 year old 2nd year uni student! Anyway, we had this awesome Ministry CD it was really cool, it was red and came in a clear transparent red case, we used to blast it out all the time.  Not long after Ministry Of Sound got really ‘uncool’ and we went ‘underground’ for better ‘less commercal’ music (because we were too cool darrrling) vowing never to buy another Ministry CD ever ever again because they were just  SHIT!!!

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Seaside new years with baby abundance!

For years we’ve gone away with our friends for New Year,  its tradition for 15 – 20 of us to book out a cottage for a week. We  party all night and chill all day Bon Bon was the only however this new year we were somewhat short of a few friends!

 2009 tipped the baby balance! In previous years the only baby in the gang was Bon Bon, but now there were 4 more babies to contend with, so our friends who still had the taste of freedom ran a million miles from the babytastic crew and quite rightly so, had a child free new year!

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