Freezing festivities and a bit of drama too!

Well this is a good idea… laptop, kidz, jungle mania soft play centre, and last days of holidays = mayhem!!!

So the 2010 came to an end with sickness and exhaustion,  on Christmas eve Baby Bell went a weird shade of grey and peaked a raging temperature of 39. We squeezed into the doctors at lunch time and 1 hour later we were heading off to hospital. Instinct told me the Doc was being paranoid and Baby Bell just had a virus, but the doctors in the hospital were adamant that they were going to keep her in for 3 nights,  my heart sunk and i vowed never to take Christmas for granted again .

 The thought of  Bon Bon waking up Christmas day without me broke my heart, the thought of Baby Bell spending her first Christmas in a soulless depressing hospital put the fear in me and worse of all I knew staying in hospital  would make her worse. After they prodded, poked  and twice failed to put a canula in her hands we told them enough was enough, and insisted on a quiet room where she could relax and get some sleep. When she woke after 45 minutes later she was like a different child, smiling and desperate to eat, luckily a new doctor came on shift and said she had a very nasty virus but said ‘ shes ok to go home’ woohoooo.  It was a HUGE relief and the whole thing really opened my eyes to how awful Christmas can be for some people. The hospital itself was pretty empty, so the few people there just looked lost and sad, it made me so grateful to be healthy and have a wonderful family, made me really appreciate how important christmas really is to me. .

We got home about 6pm, we packed up the car put the kids in their PJ’s and drove up to my parents in Shropshire, by the time we arrived the temperature was -12 and few hours later it dropped to -18!!!!

 I’ve never had flu before but I think I came pretty close to it on Christmas day, I felt so exhausted and rough and I had no energy to even pick Baby Bell up. However it helped waking up to an amazing view of the sun breaking through the frozen fog.  I gathered my strength and as the morning sun finally broke free the sky was bright blue and all around the house was snowy glistening on the fields.

 Inside  the fires were burning  and everything felt so incredibly festive, how could I be ill on a day like this! In the evening I consumed half a bottle of port, while playing charades with all the family and the cousins round roaring fire  and I somehow seemed to forget how ill I was feeling!!!

Boxing day was spent with my dad and little bro and new neice. As ever,  since I was a kid, Boxing  day evening is spent with some of my oldest friends.


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