When something really shit happend, she still found a smile.

So my best friend, my raving buddy, my mentor, my festival going party animal, business advise buddy, my spiritual sister, life coach, my chatting on the phone till late mate,  the girl who has ridden the same journey with me for over 12 years and surfs the wave of positivity through life, my beautiful friend  had what is called a pretty shitty experience last week . I’m not going to go into it too much because it’s not what happened to her that is important because believe me it was shit and unbelievable  and something that even I am coming to terms with, and it didn’t even happen to me! So anyway,  it’s her attitude that this blog is about.

I have nearly 400 friends on Facebook, I have defriended about 20 in the past year – harsh maybe but to be honest they moaned, judged others,  spoke in negative ways and generally got on my tittys because really they have no reason to be like that!  I still have a lot of friends who moan, judge and complain and generally get on my tits but too close to defriend so I dont pay any attention to their status until they say something good and then I comment!  Life can be tough, YES  but I believe that no matter how tough life gets, it’s your attitude that gets you through the other end. Change your attitude and you change your life – right? I have very good friends who have everything to moan about, they are suffering real grief and serious life threatening problems within their family and you know what,  they NEVER ever moan!

When you are crushed into a corner and feel like the world is caving in on you, you  have 2 choices cave or fight, defeat or be defeated, laugh or cry,  love or hate… negative or positive. I can tell you for a fact that everyone on Facebook who moans every day forget to look at the positive in their life.

My friend, my hero, got up fighting, she chose to go down the path of smiling and refusing to be defeated. I love her honesty and the fact she is not seeing the incident through rose tinted glasses, she knows there is a rollercoaster ahead, we all know that and she knows there is lots of shit to deal with, she will by all rights cry and feel down,  but she carries no anger, she accepts, she sees where she wants to be and she is moving on.

Her attitude , is amazing, truly amazing, even when its hard she laughs and sometimes I know she doesn’t want to laugh, but she laughs anyway  and that is the reason why she has so so so so many people in her life that love her and LOVE is what will get her back on track.

People please learn the art of *pivoting. Don’t bring yourself down, don’t blame the world, look at every nook and cranny in your life and see what you really have and not what you don’t.. trust me, there is not one single person on Facebook, not one of you that has nothing in their life worth being grateful for.

So live today really like it is your last because I can tell you right now… you could be eating your porridge one second and litterly be gone the next… life is short people…. just be happy, don’t judge others or moan about life.  Live YOUR life, make it happy because only you have the power to do that, and bloody hell you owe it to yourself to do just that.

I wish every one of you who reads this a wonderful day, a wonderful week, I wish that you be open to resolve your problems and smile more than you have ever smiled – is there a better way to inspire your children to live? I also wish my beautuful friend a speedy recovery both in mind and body. I wish her all the love in the world and once again want to take this oportunity to say YOUR ARE AMAZING and I love you xxxx


* Pivot – recognise / self awareness of  a negative feeling (or your status update!) and see the positive end of the spectrum.. you don’t have to be singing dancing happy clappy,  you just have to pivot the negative feeling / emotion to a better more productive one i.e.

“that fucking stinky man on the tube shoved me out of the way to get to a seat,  what a bastard oooh this is going to be such a shit day”


” At least the tubes are  running on time today and i ‘m not the poor lady who’s sitting next to stinky fat bastard , wow he must be having a terrible day to be so ignorant” ;o)

or take my friday for example i could have been saying –

” oooh shit i cant find my car, we’re stcuk in london,  its 2am in the morning this is so fucking awful, my feet are killing me , i don’t want to walk for miles,  i feel sick with panic – we’re never going to find it”

what actully happned…

We laughed for 2 hours whilst roaming the streets of London,  and when it wasn’t funny anymore we jumped in a cab and made him drive round untill we found it – it was funny again even when the cab cost us a fortune! The gratitude for the soft leather heated seats, my ugg boots in the drivers well and  the dubstep CD was flowing!!

And you know what… just smile – makes everything so much better – LIFE COULD BE A HELL OF A LOT WORSE!

“I just do not hang around anybody that I don’t want to be with. For me, that’s been a blessing, and I can stay positive. I hang around people who are happy, who are growing, who want to learn, who don’t mind saying sorry or thank you… and are having a fun time.”


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