Totally addicted to Bass… and my friends!

I have to blog now now now, I want to get down every memory this weekend came with.

Friday… erm no memory,  (thanks to my mummy friends from the woo) It started with Champagne at 8pm and ended at 3am at my house dancing!

Saturday… sick, yuck, never drinking again.

I get an attack of the  ‘cringes’  when my friends husband calls –  “looooou, I have in my possession Abbys Iphone, it has video evidence of you erm*  ‘Air DJ-ing’ to Skreams – In For The kill( Bastard!)  Then he proceeds to tell me it’s so funny that its  going on Facebook.  I spend the next few minutes begging him not to , then give up.

I spend the next half hour sat on the floor of the shower sipping on a pint of water!

Saturday afternoon – we have to pack and head into town because we are staying at our friends house (the kids godparents) in Clappham – they are babysitting while we go to see Leftfield at Brixton Academy

I spend the car journey wrenching into a Tesco’s  bag most of the way!  at one point I recall my beautiful daughter  saying to me ‘ mummy I’ll look after you when you’re poorly ‘  then i pass out for 20 minutes while we are stuck in traffic along the A4! (Classy hu? – good job Bon Bon has no idea what a hangover is!)

Spaghetti Bolognese,  salty crisps and cuppa tea! I start to feel better and within the hour I’m 80% on the road to recovery! All of a sudden tonight’s gig is a possibility!

We put kids to bed and start to get ourselves ready. we fill the godparents in on what to do in all eventualities  (this is the first time me and harry have been out together (properly)  since Baby Bell was born)  I was a worried about leaving baby Bell,  but our friends are ace, and  just told us to go and have a good time!

And this is where it started…

We landed in Brixton at 9pm,  walked down the high street, laughing about all the crazy nights of the past we’d had in Brixton . We were  chuffed to bits to see there was no que into the venue. We walked in and I bantered with the door staff,  I could have sworn some of those guys were letting us in 10 years ago!

This venue comes jam-packed with 10 years of memories, all of which I have shared with Harry (and one of my best friends Sandy) and tonight we were about to embark on even more adventures with our gang.

Harry went to the bar and came back with a lemonade for me,  I was still feeling delicate and sugar was my only hope now!

We sat  at the top of the stairs and one by one we saw our 6 friends walk in  –  my excitement was bubbling.

Text 21.10 – kids still asleep have a great night (This made me smile and really relax)

I had prepared myself that tonight was mainly going o be full of 45-year-olds and I was right. I put a bet on that we wouldnt see anyone under 30 – Harry waves his had… yea yea so what you’re only 29 for another 5 months!

we stand chatting while the dj plays, catching up and laughing at  the mixture of old  ravers from 30-50 years old – It was a snapshot of my era, it was almost frightening – we were growing up!

Text 22.13 –  kids still sleeping. (funny I was just thinking about them, made me smile, and relax even more)

by about 10.30 i gave into the peer pressure from the boys ‘hair of the dog lou’ so I got back on the booze – Hallelujah, whoever says hair of the dog isn’t healthy are LYING – It’s the only answer!

Text:23.35 Just had a bottle and fell back asleep again

Now Breakage was playing 10pm – 12. He rocked up on stage in a suit, played some ace tunes and ended his set with his ooh so awesome mix of Clare Maguire’s – Aint Nobody (great tune)

Breakage came off and I turned to the girls and said – ‘they better let them turn up the sound a tad more for leftfield – nothing was to prepare me for what was to come!

We’d seen Leftfield 10 years before –  it was glasto 2000,  we’d all jumped the fence, there were 4 times more people on site than there than there should have been- it was mayhem! No matter how hard I held onto my friend sandys hand me and Harry lost her and our gang of mates in the sea of people on the way to the stage  – half way through the gig my spidey senses made me drag Harry further into the crowd, 2 minutes later we found half of our missing friends.. just in time for the best bits! My memories of seeing Leftfield are of finding friends in one of the most manic festivals i had ever been to

Because if the sloping floor in Brixton i have a great view of the stage – i’m full of excitement and look at harry and my friends,  half I have known for over 10 years… And then the first bass line kicks in in seconds and i knew it was my favorite song WOOOOOOhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa it vibrated my throat, my stomach, my head and I burst into tears… Overcome with nostalgia,  with love of being back at Brixton, being out with Harry, being with my friends, and probably because of the pure shock of never ever having felt bass like that ever in my life

My arms go in the air… and the night begins! we all sing along to the angelic voice……Ahhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhh ahhhhhhh The beautiful sound of ‘Song for Life’ I turn to Harry, sandy and my friends and have the biggest grin on my face and tears rolling down my cheeks

Leftfield take us on a journey, they were amazing.   I looked around and 90% of people were holding their throats because of the bass at the most intense moments. at one point I couldn’t even swallow! Don’t get me wrong, it sounds like hell,  but it’s not – it’s almost addictive! For the entire gig i thought  – wow this really does something your energy field,  my body vibrated all night, it was truly amazing!

Text: 00.41  – fast asleep  :O)

Text 01.45 – just had another half a bottle and back to sleep

(these texts keep me in a great relaxed place, I’ve never been out where i havent worried about the kids.. it was amazing to have that knowledge they were happy, safe and sound)

And just when you thought the base could not touch your soul any deeper.. they play Phat Planet, then my eyes wobbled out while parts of the ceiling fell down   (they’d made the ceiling fall down  in 1996 and had since been banned from Brixton…  they did it again, all these many many years later… and I was there to experience the sounds  – OUT OF THIS WORLD!

We went home with the vibrations buzzing through our veins and our ears ringing (they are still ringing now!)

The next day, I woke up excited and ready for our annual christmas dinner with 22 of our friends (our London Family) at the Driver in Kings Cross , 3 new baby’s were born this year.. our city family were growing!  naturally the talk was of the bass the 8 of us had been soaking up the night before and a few new dads were looking green withy Envy…  ;o)

As ever the traditional xmas get together filled me with love and gratefulness. I am damn lucky to have these friends.  Life brings nothing better into this world, nothing can ever compare to friends and family… APART FROM THE BASS THAT LEFTFIELD GIVE!!!!

This makes me laugh my head off 2 mins in when it really kicks off – it sounds crazy on video – but trust me being there was incredible!


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