Monthly Archives: December 2010

Freezing festivities and a bit of drama too!

Well this is a good idea… laptop, kidz, jungle mania soft play centre, and last days of holidays = mayhem!!!

So the 2010 came to an end with sickness and exhaustion,  on Christmas eve Baby Bell went a weird shade of grey and peaked a raging temperature of 39. We squeezed into the doctors at lunch time and 1 hour later we were heading off to hospital. Instinct told me the Doc was being paranoid and Baby Bell just had a virus, but the doctors in the hospital were adamant that they were going to keep her in for 3 nights,  my heart sunk and i vowed never to take Christmas for granted again .

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When something really shit happend, she still found a smile.

So my best friend, my raving buddy, my mentor, my festival going party animal, business advise buddy, my spiritual sister, life coach, my chatting on the phone till late mate,  the girl who has ridden the same journey with me for over 12 years and surfs the wave of positivity through life, my beautiful friend  had what is called a pretty shitty experience last week . I’m not going to go into it too much because it’s not what happened to her that is important because believe me it was shit and unbelievable  and something that even I am coming to terms with, and it didn’t even happen to me! So anyway,  it’s her attitude that this blog is about.

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Totally addicted to Bass… and my friends!

I have to blog now now now, I want to get down every memory this weekend came with.

Friday… erm no memory,  (thanks to my mummy friends from the woo) It started with Champagne at 8pm and ended at 3am at my house dancing!

Saturday… sick, yuck, never drinking again.

I get an attack of the  ‘cringes’  when my friends husband calls –  “looooou, I have in my possession Abbys Iphone, it has video evidence of you erm*  ‘Air DJ-ing’ to Skreams – In For The kill( Bastard!)  Then he proceeds to tell me it’s so funny that its  going on Facebook.  I spend the next few minutes begging him not to , then give up.

I spend the next half hour sat on the floor of the shower sipping on a pint of water!

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Fell off my positive perch!

Well, today i had a 5 minute meltdown at about 5pm! I officially fell off my positive perch!

It doesn’t happen very often these days I am proud to say. Over the years I’ve learnt to acknowledge those evil feelings that can creep up inside, way before they turn into a fire cracker of problems.  I can normally bring my awareness to the potential rocky  path ahead when I start feeling ‘the blame function’ set in… by this I mean, something triggers a negative feeling, then it leads to a string of problems and then panic sets in and then you start to blame whoever for all the problems  (I say whoever but we all know Harry is the one who cops it in my case)

if I get to the blame feeling I know I have to do a quick U’y! this short sharp manoeuver is set into motion by a number of ways.  if I am on my own in my own head I pivot all the negative thoughts very quickly and think about how lucky I am, but it if it’s a need to pacify an awkward argument or  ‘I hate you right now scenario”   we generally conjure up a cheeky grin followed by a choice of 1 or 2 options below:

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