What a week

We’re sitting on the sofa… yep its a a rare sight –  granted we have our laptops and we’re  ‘chillorking’  watching Jools Holland  on sky plus and finishing off the days tasks.

So much has happened this week, that’s why i’m glad to write it all down, so  we can look back on this and remember how we made drastic changes in our lives so we could have our cake and eat it.

Last Friday afternoon we sat in the pub downing a gin and tonic excitedly twiddling the office keys in our hand laughing about how bizar it was when we were asked by the solicitor to swear on the bible while we signed the lease – it was like getting married all over again and by far the most grown up this we have done since then ;o)!! It was however, uber exciting and like two very excited kids and we couldn’t wait to unlock that door . We couldn’t stop smiling, and thinking  ‘this is so awesome’.

This week we’ve been moving out of our home office into 19 London End and its lethal! I realised this when I looked out the window last friday and saw, the Royal Saracens head, Mulberry spa, and Pizza express directly in front of us – also knowing what else the high street has to offer is way too tempting – The Crazy Bear, The Old White Swan as well as an abundance  of overpriced high-end interior design shops and restaurants. So far this week we’ve been sucked into eating out twice for tea and we’ve been buying  yummy lunches from the chip shop! (its soooo much more – trust me it has cakes, soups, and baguettes)  we’re hoping the novelty might wear off before our wastes grow and the purse is empty!!

We have some great neighbours in the building, including our friends Astus financial Planning. Storm PR had our  building for 15 years even though they have moved on to Covent Garden we’ve seen Derek the CEO a few times as he still has his accountant in the building.   He’s just lovely and really cool about the fact Bell is in the office most days. With his consent of our ‘family business’ it really started  to feel like home  (apart from the fact its toasty warm in the office and our house is notoriously fucking freezing!) 

So the Harris Family tag team of school runs and baby charge, work, meetings, packing lunches and washing and cleaning is working so far so good, and I can’t even image what life was like when Harry worked 9-5 in the city. This life its perfect for us. Unconventional yes,  agreeably not the first choice for most… but its great for us. 

 Romany my Festival Kidz Partner was in the office today and we had our first meeting in the’ board room’ *darrrrling*  with Ray Silvester our old marketing lecturer from our Music industry Management degree. He’s thrown some curve balls into the Festival Kidz development and all of a sudden we’re seeing even more opportunity. We’re desperate to get the website up, but Harry is loaded with work and still has my  productions site to complete… the pressure is on and I can feel the waves of work coming on – but it’s so going to be worth it.


It was one of those weeks where we felt Bon Bon has moved into yet another stage of her life, firstly she came home with her ‘Ditties’ from school and her final words sheet before she gets her first reading books. In all honesty we havent spent half as much time reading with her than we should but she seems fine without us and seems to learn things off her own back – the other day she surprised us by counting to 100 , we asked her how she knew and she said she just knows it – this isnt the first when she was 2 and half she wrote her name on a her blackboard, when i asked her preschool teacher if they had taught it to her they laughed and said not at all!!!  The most entertainment Bon Bon provided this week was of our first game of singing made up songs in the car  – the best bit was Bon Bon insisting   harry participate in singing her  random  made up lyrics about motor bikes on motorways – he blantantly was not comfortable with this but she can be persuasive and tickled me to see him singing away!

With Bon Bons newly found independence has come an  attitude of ‘ I know best’  she’d rather do things her way!  Even though i told her the word was ‘excited’ and not ‘cited’ she decided that she wanted to say it how she wanted to say it, yet the next day she correct me in saying mummy its ‘EXcited not ‘cited’, say the words properly! grrrrrrrr!!! 

beyond the little miss know it all is still an exhausted and grumpy little girl with the ability to throw the mother of all tantrums!   I have to keep reminding myself that  she’s still not got over her week of flu, shes constantly woken up by her baby sister and is exhausted from doing a full day at school. I forget that even though she’s the size of a 6 years old (I blame the father)  she is in fact not even  4 and a half yet, she’s the youngest in her class and most kids of her age havent even started school yet – HOWEVER, it still pisses me right off and i really have to fight my brain into not tuning into ‘ogar mum’! – we’re all human right!


 Every night has been a sleepless night  for erm… well for 4 years and 4 months!!!  I swear i have no idea why the universe did not bless me with babies that sleep through the night!! ;o)  I’ve desperately being trying not to feed Bell every time she wakes in the vain hope that she’ll soon ger the message that its sleep time and not dinner time , it’s worked untill 1am but from there she wakes all night. I know it’s not forever and this week has been particularly bad due to teething (she’s got these cute shiny red cheeks and dribbling like a St Bernard dog!)  Luckey both kids love a bit of Reiki from me, and Bon Bon asks for it most nights (“mummy it feels like your hands are tickling my head even though they’re not even touching me!!) and it always knocks Bell out when shes fretful – i cant even explain it but I am 100% grateful for Alison hyono-babies for having ‘attuned me’ to reiki back in the summer!

bed is calling, umm no thats arabella stiring – night night blog 

ps – universe if you can hear me – please let me get at least 2 hours flat sleep


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