Dear Universe

Song: Into the Mystic – Van Morrison (this is my fav song of all time – well one of them)
Phrase: Be carefull of what you wish for

Dear Universe

I have a few requests – if you dont mind…

1)Please can you gather my accounts and send them to my Virtual Assistant PA Sandy at Auka Business Services so she can put them in order and send them to the accountant next week – she’s been on my case for 6 weeks now and I think she’d actually fall off her chair flabbergasted if she received them this week!

2)Please can you send me an investor that has loads of money and wants to invest in all my crazy ideas… you have to understand universe , I’ve had 2 more this evening and it’s getting very very frustrating,  help me out man… I feel like an artist with no paints!

3)Please can you find me some extra time in the day so I can chill out on the sofa with the cats,  kids and Harry

4)Please cam you ensure my children do not wake more than 3 times tonight  *actually, if you wouldn’t mind,  could you get them not to wake up untill 7am?  I’d be eternally grateful, not that I’m not eternally grateful, but you know I’ll be even more eternally grateful – if you know what I mean

5)please can you de-snot Bon Bon – seriously its no fun brushing snotty nottys out of her hair!

6) please can you put a rocket up my ass and make me go running,  If I  do a  5k run this week,  maybe you could say well done by effortlessly shedding the extra 2 stone baby weight *ehem* cheesecake weight from my gut?

7)please can you sort it out so me and Harry always have great Jobs on yet still have all the time in the world to have fun and chill out maxin ‘n relaxin

8)please can you get me back into my  twice a day mediation routine – I feel lost without it.

9)please can you send some get better vibes to my Nan and also my friends daddy, also some ‘cosmic energy’ to those who are feeling a bit low on Facebook this week

10) Thank you for the love … please keep it coming, forever and ever Armen

oooh oooh oooh sorry, I forgot 1 more…  if you could possibly get Harry to finish my Sentiment Productions website and start the FestivalKidz website – sometime this year… that would be rock on, I’d seriously have to consider some special ways to express my gratitude to  him if he got those done  ;o)


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2 responses to “Dear Universe

  • hillary

    Dear Universe,
    Please find a way for Lou and Harry and the kids to come to Vancouver soon.
    Love Hillary

  • Louise

    oooh Dear Universe – yes yes yes that would be uber special if we could all fly out to Vancouver and see Hillary, we coudl meet her pups and live with bonnie and vern, and while we’re there we could head off to whistler for a few days while *Hillary* looked after the baby and me, harry and connie skied like the wind feeling the ‘zen’ of the mountain – oooh and then we could fly down to California and see my cousins and then head off to Texas for that SXSW conference – OOOOH universe now that would be special wouldn’t it please please please please please please spread your cosmic energy

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