Daddy can I have that…


Phrase of the day – Music is the answer to all your problems! (with a few tunes we bounced back quite quickly after the Arabella fiasco – ps -the rest of this blog was actully written 2 days ago!!)
Song of the dayZinc – Killa sound (Connie does a freeking hilarious dance to this tune!!!)

We blew our amp in the office, it’s not the first time, or the second, or third! Last time we had to call upon Harry’s dad (who is a terrible horder). After a rummage in is loft he appeard with an emergency amp originally brought from Harrods back in 1972!! We had it hooked up in no time at all and the Harris Towers was once again blasting it tunes! The old amp was amazing despite it’s grand old age of 38! Sadly, in true Harris style we killed it within the year!

So Harry heads off to Richersounds In Eaton on an ‘amp emergency’! He swings via the solicitors to sign the office agreement (Yay!) now he can justify not doing work over shopping!

1 hour later we plug-in the new amp and blast out Zinc to trial the new sound, we all have a dance round the office appreciating the extra volume quailty! Then Connie asks if she can have the old amp amd we look at her strange and then she does the proverbial Pppppleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase daddy pleeeeeeeeeeeease! We ask her through fits of giggles ‘ why do you want it?’ she tells us she’d like to play her music upstairs when her friends come round… ooh god we have a teen on our hands already!

ipod and docking station for xmas we think!!


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