Moi, on BBC breakfast tomorrow… I’ll have to check my schedule!

So at 5pm this evening I get a call from the BBC – do you want to come in tomorrow morning for an interview.  I’m like all ‘whatever’‘I’ll have to check my diary’ and generally bit stand offish (mainly due to the fact I’ve had loads of press call this week all wanting case studies – as ever I tell them  its a bit distasteful me asking my clients if they fancy using their grief to promote my business!) Anyway I somehow end up having a chin wag with the nice guy on the other end of the phone and agree to go into television center tomorrow morning!

So in between bath, research, making the bed, tidying kitchen, meditating, drying hair, blogging, feeding baby,  and more feeding baby, and MORE feeding of the baby,  finding what to wear for tomorrows interview, Bon Bon  start crying (4th time tonight she’s got  a tummy bug) then I come down stairs and Baby Bell starts coughing and crying (also 4th time tonight!) then Bon Bon wets the bed – ooh god its all kicking off tonight – and to top it off I’ve lost  Harry to ‘man club’ this evening so I’m home along and juggling the lot.

I have to be up at 5.30am as a cab is coming to collect me at 6am.  Now I was all  ‘whatever’ about this interview untill  3 hours ago, then harry makes the penny drop that this  is national TV –  and my heart starts to race!!!

One of my oldest bezzy friends  Becky calls  me ‘whats this all over facebook about you being on BBC breakfast‘ – I was so happy to hear from her (she’s in PR so knows the score with TV interviews.  Becky briefs  me on what will happen (while I wash my hair in the bath!)  and then says ‘do you want me to come along’…. It was like a warm cup of hot choclate…and I replied with a very definite.. YES!

What an amazing friend to get up at 5am to be there to support me…

(I do have amazing friends –  My mate Abby dropped off a home cooked apple crumble this evening  and my mate  Liv  dropped off some chocolates this afternoon because they know its been a tough week with Baby Bell and now Bon Bon being sick)

So about an hour ago it dawns on me that baby Bell has been feeding every hour since she’s been ill – this has resulted in my ‘milk jugs’ looking like something from a top shelf magazine and unless they are fed on regularly I could turn into some sort of milk fembot… now I’ve left my expresser at a friend’s house and I can’t take bell to the BBC with me…  ooh dear god please do not let me leak milk live on air!!

Peace out to you all

sweet dreams and don’t forget to set your alarm at and turn the telly on to BBC breakfast at 7.30am xxxxx


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