Sat in wycombe hospital…I can hear Arabella crying in the other room as they put a cannula her hand to take blood ….. i feel sick. We came because dr wanted her checked over by the peed and also take a look at some bruises on her back which I was told were Mongolian blue spots but now actully looks like bruises from where we pick her up.

Naturally we are worried and it could be a million things – gonna trust the universe right now, she’s gonna be just fine. Although i can’t help remembering when she was 2 weeks old she was in hospital for an infection on her lungs, she lay there and I had this overwhelming sense that she was here for a reason, and one of those was to make me slow down life and open my eyes.


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6 responses to “Ugh

  • Kimberley Selwood

    Giving you a big hug and squeeze. It will all be fine you’re the most fantastic Mum with such an amazing positive view on life. She’s a little trooper who fought tooth and nail to be here, so definitely you must slow down and focus on being the truly fab Mum you are, with two gorgeous well behaved girlies xxxxxx

  • Louise Clark

    Oh Lou i’ve just cried my eyes out looking at the pictures of poor little Arabella – I hate it when babies are unwell – they’re so helpless. I hope you’re ok and i will be praying that she’s better very soon. Lots of love and hugs x x x

  • Having Cake And Eating It

    Thanks ladies – we leaving soon to head home with normal blood results and new inhaler thingy so all is well again in the Harris clan – gotta say I was pretty worried so was Harry we both thought the worst – doctor here was amazing and was so cross about the inhaler arabella had been given on sunday. Have to keep an eye on her bruising, they have been really good considering they have 3 reasons for bruising 1) child abuse 2)accident 3)blood disorder. It’s a horrid feeling but I think they sussed us out and realised we werent abusers so figure she may bruise easily like me and we have to be really gental and keep eye on her. As for her chest… They say up to 6 weeks b4 she stops sounding like darth vader

  • hillary

    sending you all big love from Canadia đŸ™‚
    hugs, sweetie

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