Fear of doctors and that ‘look’

So at 5.30 this morning I was trotting down to High Wycombe Hospital to see the out of hours doctor because baby Arabella’s cough had got to the point she was straining to breath and when I cuddled her it was obvious she had lost a lot of weight in 2 days

On Friday I was worried that she’d got a cold and it was all my fault because of the ‘bed incident’ the day before – The response to my concern from our best friend Mark was  ‘Louise the last I heard, a baby can’t get a cold from falling off the bed’ – it made me laugh and I figured I really was just being a but neurotic and she was fine.

Saturday was a very unusual ‘nothing planned Saturday’. Me and Arabella  stayed in doors because she was coughing so much –  Connie and Harry went to the bonfire and brought me back the most kick ass toffee apple! Sunday we felt all lethargic for not having done much the day before and really couldn’t be arsed to do anything, we figured Arabella needed some fresh air so we walked round to the pub for some lunch and then chilled out with some friends back home.

Over the weekend I had thought about taking Arabella to the docs, but the problem is I never want to be put in the category of one of those neurotic parents that whip their kids into the GP at the first sight of a snotty nose –  However the consequences of that attitude is my kids end up going to the doctors  far too late –  5am this morning was too late…The poor child was coughing and wheezing.

It’s so hard trying to get the bloody balance right. I don’t take her  for fear of the doctor rolling her eyes telling me it’s a cold  while making mental note ‘neurotic mother’ , but my fear resulted in Arabella suffering for 2 days more than she should have :O( – Note for future.. go with natural instinct and who cares who thinks what!!!


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