Oops… its all part of being a parent!

Tonight was the first  ‘school mum’s night out’.  Seeing as the mum’s at school only ever see me racing into the playground looking haggard and tired I thought I’d make a slight effort to show I can look human once in a while.

I decided to try  out a new facemask that I was given for my birthday 3 months ago. I saw a window of opportunity to apply this facemask while Arabella was having some ‘nappy off time’ on Bon Bons bed.   I nipped into the bathroom and put a load of, what can only bed described as ‘brown poo” on my face… then I heard a loud scream… and came back to find my  baby Bell splattered face down on the floor…!

my god did I feel bad!

(I have no idea how she wiggled off seeing as she wasnt lying side ways and still can’t roll over from back to front…?)

Anyway she’s fine (I gave her some Reiki, cuddles and boobs) and  I’ve been assured after 5 gin and tonics this evening that all mums have dropped their kids on their head at some point or other – Aparently, it’s all part of being a parent!

Signing off for the night to go and stare guiltily at my beautiful baby

Bad Mummy Louise!

(Ps to make up for being a bad mummy, I’ve signed up for tea and coffee duty at the school bonfire night… thats gotta earm me some good mummy points right??)


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