Monthly Archives: November 2010

What a week

We’re sitting on the sofa… yep its a a rare sight –  granted we have our laptops and we’re  ‘chillorking’  watching Jools Holland  on sky plus and finishing off the days tasks.

So much has happened this week, that’s why i’m glad to write it all down, so  we can look back on this and remember how we made drastic changes in our lives so we could have our cake and eat it.

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Dear Universe

Song: Into the Mystic – Van Morrison (this is my fav song of all time – well one of them)
Phrase: Be carefull of what you wish for

Dear Universe

I have a few requests – if you dont mind…

1)Please can you gather my accounts and send them to my Virtual Assistant PA Sandy at Auka Business Services so she can put them in order and send them to the accountant next week – she’s been on my case for 6 weeks now and I think she’d actually fall off her chair flabbergasted if she received them this week!

2)Please can you send me an investor that has loads of money and wants to invest in all my crazy ideas… you have to understand universe , I’ve had 2 more this evening and it’s getting very very frustrating,  help me out man… I feel like an artist with no paints!

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Moi, on BBC breakfast tomorrow… I’ll have to check my schedule!

So at 5pm this evening I get a call from the BBC – do you want to come in tomorrow morning for an interview.  I’m like all ‘whatever’‘I’ll have to check my diary’ and generally bit stand offish (mainly due to the fact I’ve had loads of press call this week all wanting case studies – as ever I tell them  its a bit distasteful me asking my clients if they fancy using their grief to promote my business!) Anyway I somehow end up having a chin wag with the nice guy on the other end of the phone and agree to go into television center tomorrow morning!

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Daddy can I have that…


Phrase of the day – Music is the answer to all your problems! (with a few tunes we bounced back quite quickly after the Arabella fiasco – ps -the rest of this blog was actully written 2 days ago!!)
Song of the dayZinc – Killa sound (Connie does a freeking hilarious dance to this tune!!!)

We blew our amp in the office, it’s not the first time, or the second, or third! Last time we had to call upon Harry’s dad (who is a terrible horder). After a rummage in is loft he appeard with an emergency amp originally brought from Harrods back in 1972!! We had it hooked up in no time at all and the Harris Towers was once again blasting it tunes! The old amp was amazing despite it’s grand old age of 38! Sadly, in true Harris style we killed it within the year!

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Sat in wycombe hospital…I can hear Arabella crying in the other room as they put a cannula her hand to take blood ….. i feel sick. We came because dr wanted her checked over by the peed and also take a look at some bruises on her back which I was told were Mongolian blue spots but now actully looks like bruises from where we pick her up.

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Fear of doctors and that ‘look’

So at 5.30 this morning I was trotting down to High Wycombe Hospital to see the out of hours doctor because baby Arabella’s cough had got to the point she was straining to breath and when I cuddled her it was obvious she had lost a lot of weight in 2 days

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Oops… its all part of being a parent!

Tonight was the first  ‘school mum’s night out’.  Seeing as the mum’s at school only ever see me racing into the playground looking haggard and tired I thought I’d make a slight effort to show I can look human once in a while.

I decided to try  out a new facemask that I was given for my birthday 3 months ago. I saw a window of opportunity to apply this facemask while Arabella was having some ‘nappy off time’ on Bon Bons bed.   I nipped into the bathroom and put a load of, what can only bed described as ‘brown poo” on my face… then I heard a loud scream… and came back to find my  baby Bell splattered face down on the floor…!

my god did I feel bad!

(I have no idea how she wiggled off seeing as she wasnt lying side ways and still can’t roll over from back to front…?)

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Av’in it all!

Phrase: Do all today that can be done
Song: Family Tree – TV On The Radio

Today is the day we have it all…!

As if running 2 full time business from home, as well as being full time parents to 2 kiddies wasnt enough… today we went in for the kill and have just take an office in Old Beaconsfield too – should prove interesting as baby Arabella will essentially become our office ‘pet’! poor thing!

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